Fuel Injection Service

We offer complete fuel injection service and repair. Our technicians are Ase Certified and work on all types of Fuel Injection systems. Our equipment includes the latest in diagnostic equipment available. Including electronic information systems, AC Delco and Mitchell repair information systems. Other local shops bring many of their jobs to East Ave Auto when they do not have the required equipment.


We perform all preventive maintenance service to vehicles from day one. This applies to all vehicles under factory warranties.. By performing scheduled services your vehicle will last longer with less possibility of breakdown. Don't be fooled by gimmicks. We use the correct Oils and lubricants specified for your car, In most cases Genuine Sunoco. Most of the time we are finding that Cars that come with "free oil change" are having the Re-refined oil used. Then as the car gets out of warranty - big Problems occur! If you are scheduling a vacation trip with your car have us check it over we can apprehend many upcoming problems with a simple eight point safety check.

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Hours of Operation

Towing Available: 24 x 7
Gas Station: 6am - 10pm mon - Fri
8am - 10pm Sat & 8am – 5pm on Sun

Technicians on duty 8am - 5pm Mon-Fri
8am - 12 noon on Sat

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Oil Change Service

It is our recommendation to follow the scheduled maintenance interval and oil type for your car. As your car hits high millage (over 100,000) We highly recommend you have your oil serviced every three months, or 3,000 miles to keep your engine working properly. We offer oil and lubrication service on all vehicles. We use quality Sunoco lubricants and Purolator filters.

Coolant Systems

Cooling system maintenance includes flushing your entire coolant system. We test many internal conditions of your Cooling system to keep your Coolant "Rust and contaminant free" Most cars should have this service every two years.

Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Air conditioning and heating systems are computerized on today's vehicles. We have qualified trained technicians to deal with all types of these systems. We have the correct equipment to service all the different types of refrigerant used in today's High Tech cars always remember if it is a hot day in Rochester and your Air conditioning quits. A Quick Stop at East Ave Auto will get you "Cool as a Cucumber" without an appointment Just stop in.

Starters and Alternators

Starters and alternators are the most commonly failed components on today's vehicles. We use the most economical brand component for your car. These parts always carry a 12 month limited warranty. Some service centers have your car for days completing this type of repair. At East Ave Auto we have your Starter or Alternator Replacement completed the Same Day. "We make service an action verb every day".

Brake Systems

The most important service we perform for your car, is to keep the brakes functioning correctly. We always use the highest quality brake components to ensure your car stops like new. Many of the vehicles we service need the brake fluid flushed as part of the normal maintenance schedule. We have a very economical plan for this service. Check our price and compare. Today's anti-lock brake systems use high tech computerized controls. Our shop is equipped to handle all types of these systems.


Bridgestone/Dayton/Toyo tires are our main tire lines. We can also retrieve any tire to match your car. At a Very Competitive Price. Toyo tires are a specialty. Our mounting and balancing technicians are the best around, please stop in and check our price. In most cases we are less than the chain stores. We also recommend a complete swap over for your winter tire needs. We can provide a tire package - tires already mounted on wheels for your winter driving and we will seasonally store your complete tire set. Check with Paul or Bob for complete information on this "full circle" exclusive service. We also repair (TPMS) Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. We repair "Low Tire Light" problems every day.

Wheel Alignment

Our alignments are done on a Hunter P811 computer alignment machine with accuracy to less than the thickness of a human hair all of our alignments are total four wheels referenced from the rear wheels. There is an additional charge for adjustment of each wheel where the adjustments are rusted or frozen. We are also able to modify some vehicles where the manufacturer left no provision for adjustment of the alignment angles. We perform this service for many area collision shops. If your car was repaired at a local big name collision shop chances are we aligned it!!

Electrical - GPS - Navigation - Audio - Blue Tooth - Onboard Computer System Repairs

Complicated - computer system repairs are a specialty. Remote Keyless Entry Systems are just one of the many on board systems we fix, that other shops simply do not repair. Our top technician is a computer electronics genius that repairs all types of complicated electrical problems with religious zeal. We use  Interstate batteries. a great battery with a nationwide warranty.

Towing Services

Towing and storage is a main part of our business. We have the most up to date towing equipment around. If your car was towed within the Rochester city limits check with us to see if we can help retrieve your car.